Saturday, May 7, 2011

Madonna Distances Herself From Kabbalah Centre

Madonna Turns Back On Kabbalah Centre
Which is a good idea, we feel.

It looks like the Kabbalah Centre itself is being targeted for criminal prosecution.

All of this is coming after the issues Madonna has had with her Raising Malawi charity scrapped plans to build a school for girls. There have been all kinds of IRS probes and issues surrounding the board members and misuse of funds. Poor Madge can't catch a break!

Now, the religious center she so loved is getting lots of heat:

The Internal Revenue Service is probing the four-decades-old spiritual center for allegedly using nonprofit funds to enrich its founders, the Berg family, close associates of Madonna.

In subpoenas reviewed by the newspaper that were recently issued as part of a grand jury probe of the Bergs and their organization, the government lists a number of for-profit business run by the family that are being investigated, but makes no mention of Madonna.

Her charities are nonetheless caught up in the probe due to the fact that the singer's Raising Malawi grew out of her association with Spirituality for Kids, an educational nonprofit Madonna championed and founded by Karen Berg, the Kabbalah Centre's head honcho.

Not good! We're sorry all this is happening, Madonna! All you wanted to do was help people!

Distancing yourself is a good plan. We're sure that once everything is said and done, that you'll be clear and able to start up the kind of work you wanna do again, and whoever receives the charity will be incredibly grateful!

Good luck, we'll be following this closely!