Thursday, January 5, 2012

Listing the Best-Selling Artists of the Last 20 Years…

Sure, the modern world of pop culture and music is utterly head over heels in love with the likes of Rihanna, Beyonce, and Britney, that it’s easy to forget the amazing accomplishments that were made by real legendary artists before them.

Make your guesses and click below to see who (but more importantly who does NOT) comprises the Top 10 list of the Best Selling Artists from 1991 to 2011 (US) after the jump and sound off below!

1. Garth Brooks (68.5 million)
2. The Beatles (63.3 million)
3. Mariah Carey (53.6 million)
4. Metallica (53.1 million)
5. Celine Dion (51.4 million)
6. George Strait (43.3 million)
7. Eminem (41.1 million)
8. Tim McGraw (40.1 million)
9. Alan Jackson (38.8 million)
10. Pink Floyd (37.2 million)

So what does this list mean?

This list further confirms that Country music, while not a mainstream radio staple, is a goldmine and clearly one of the best selling genres of music both then, and today (i.e. Shania Twain & Taylor Swift).

Love her or hate her, Mariah Carey is that chick and the leading active diva of all her peers (Whitney, Celine, Janet, etc.). Coming in second only to Eminem in terms of cultural relevance, she has the best shot of accumulating more sales and potentially surpassing The Beatles—we all know she’s gunning for it.

For those who will undoubtedly be wondering, “Where’s Madonna?”, surprisingly her albums only sold 27 million albums in the US from the years of 1991-2011.  Still an amazing feat.  Kudos M!

In the next twenty years who do you think will make the 2011-2021 list? Adele? Duh…but who else?!

Sound off!

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