Saturday, January 14, 2012

Madonna Slams Janet Jackson…Again?

madonna 32 Madonna Slams Janet Jackson...Again?
Pop megastar Madonna has, over the years, made no secret of her penchant for causing controversy. And, with a new album on the horizon, it seems the 53 year old is digging into her old bag of tricks.
Indeed, seemingly discontent with her subtle, yet detectable digs at Lady GaGa, her Madgesty has reportedly sunk her claws into fellow Pop icon and longtime rival –Janet Jackson.
The singer’s pre-album promotional trail saw her recently tape an episode of The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, where she said the following of her upcomingSuperbowl performance…
Via Twitter / Ryan Seacrest:
madonna shade e1326541034998 Madonna Slams Janet Jackson...Again?
Granted the ladies “spat” is nothing new (peep video below), I’m going to need Madge to have several seats. It’s not like anyone would want to see half a century old tata’s anyway, remember those photos that leaked a few months back? She’s promising no “nip-slips”, yet this coming from the woman who’s been flogging her vage to anyone who’ll look – even at 53.  We hope her performance can match up to all the shade she’s been doing lately. Because, while it may have worked then, it’s certainly coming across as redundant now. Anyways, can't knock her for being herself what ever her age is.  Gotta LUV her for that!