Saturday, January 28, 2012

Quote Of The Day

janet madonna 1 e1327757213280 Madonna Slams Janet Jackson Again / Singers Choreographer Fires Back

“U don’t have to kiss a girl on stage to be cutting edge or interesting. Lol

How about adopting a kid when everyone was doing it. Ok I’ll stop. Cutting edge.
Damn her*in addict
So many of those instances that def was cutting edge and interesting. Look at your resume boo.  

Noones talking about that addiction. Real t. Get help.  

U go in on mine. I’ll go in on yours. It’s natural.  

U have children. Worry about raising them then talking to hear urself talk- role model. Ok done for the day. Muah kiddos. Lol.  

Look I intend on having children one day. And I sure hope I ain’t acting and sayin foolish things at that age. For my kids sake.  

At least the tit is real. Lovely and sickening ,boom”

Janet Jackson’s choreographer Gil Duldulao none too pleased with Madonna's comment regarding the Super Hole took off to his Twitter & launched a tirade in defence of his longtime friend