Friday, April 6, 2012

J.Lo Shows Madge How to Slither On Walls is Done!

Last night, Jennifer Lopez premiered her racy new ‘Dance Again’ visual on ‘American Idol’.

J.Lo pretty much used the video to further validate her new relationship with 24-year-old dancer boyfriend Casper Smart. I stayed up real late to post the video, but went to bed there after. I was too tired to write a thorough review but now, I present you with my thoughts on the clip.
It’s becoming more evident that J.Lo’s blueprint is to introduce all of her new boyfriends by visual. Some people never learn eh?
Given her poor history with men, mixing business with pleasure is never a good idea, but if J.Lo wants to parade her newest prize catch to the world, who are we to berate her for it? The chemisry during their glittery dance break was hot, and you can actually tell they enjoy a very healthy sex life. J.Lo even has a steamy orgy and plays bondage games with her man.

Her body is absolutely, f*cking insane! 43-years-old, and two kids? Naw. People aren’t suppose to look like that at her age. Putting chicks half her age to shame and so forth. I’d like to know what fountain of youth she baths in because one can only hope they look like that when they get to her age.

The product placement could not be any more blatant though. It was J.Lo and her new perfume, Pitbull and his Absolut vodka. Meh.
In part, it was like watching a straight up commercial, but there was some nice cinematographic moments in there. My disappointment was that given the song title, there was not enough dance scenes, some of the camera angles were sloppy and there were too much close-up shots of Pitbull.
Check out J.Lo and her man getting jiggy with it to ‘On The Floor’ 2.0 after the jump.