Monday, April 2, 2012

Rihanna Confirms New Tour

Ever sat on your cat?
Well, the resulting sound is one akin to hearing Rihanna live.
And yet this hasn’t stopped the popular stage parader from confirming that she is planning a new tour.

Speaking to our friends over at Capital FM, the 24 year old said:

“Tour. We’re going to be going on tour next year. So this year we’re spending out time planning to make sure it’s bigger than anything we’ve done and something more impactful, maybe something different, so my fans can get excited about it.”

We can only hope she “impacts” a vocal coach pronto. Because as the millions ploughed into her past treks have shown, bright lights and new wigs will not ensure her albums “sell that sell”.
To date, Fenty’s latest set ‘Talk That Talk’ has yet to sell over 800k in the US – despite being released over 5 months ago.