Sunday, May 6, 2012

I'll Remember...2005

Making the Video -Sorry
PhotoIn early 2006, Madonnareleased her second single from the Confessions on a Dance Floor album entitledSorry. The immediately catchy track was produced byMadonna and her very talented musical partner Stuart Price. Stuart worked on many of the songs on the Confessions album. While the song failed to make a huge impact on the Hot 100 Billboard Charts, it was a massive success on the Billboard dance charts. The song reached # 1 on the Hot Dance Airplay chart and the Dance Club chart. One great thing about new Madonna singles is all of the remixes that are born. Madonna has always kept a keen ear to what is is hot in the DJ world. For the Sorry mixes, she commissioned some of the best in the biz. Paul Oakenfold, Green Velvet and even the Pet Shop Boys put their unique twist on the song. The music video was directed by Madonna's longtime friend and choreographer Jamie King. Jamie began working with Madonna back in 1995 when he choreographed Madonna's Human Nature video which remains one of my favorites. The video is the sequel to Madonna's Hung Up video. The Sorry video picks right back up where Hung Up left off. As with Hung Up, Madonna is rocking the leotard and doing dance moves that many of the younger pop starlets couldn't dream of. The video is super duper fun. The song was featured twice within her Confessions Tour - once as a straight up performance and then a remix video was also put together as an interlude between songs. In the remix video there are images of Madonna against a neon electric background which are interspersed with footage of prominent world leaders, as well as visions of poverty, deforestation, and war. Madonna's spoken vocals emphasize the words "lies" and "talk is cheap". Featured below are various Sorry videos including the director's cut of the video, the performance of the song from the Confessions Tour as well as the interlude mentioned above.