Monday, May 28, 2012

Is ‘Born This Way/Express Yourself’ Mash Up Too Much?

As many a Madonna fan and Little Monster know, the Queen of Pop is set to use her ‘MDNA’ tour set to tribute pop diva Lady Gaga by performing a mashed-up version of the latter’s ‘Born This Way’ with her own ‘Express Yourself’.  Immediately coming under fire after its early 2011 release for sounding nearly identical to Madge’s 1989 hit, Gaga dismissed the claim of copying while her pop predecessor labeled it ‘reductive’.
Now, as audio has surfaced of Madonna’s intent to fuse the twin pop tunes on her latest live trek, we who thought the flame had cooled see it may be readying to reach higher heights.  Take a listen below and you tell us:

If this is intended to be a jab won’t really be known until the visual accompanies the audio.  However, knowing Madonna, the intent is questionable.  Gaga, who has been pretty silent regarding Madge’s comments, has remained so while the ‘Like a Prayer’ pop diva has continually pushed the issue. 

Madonna (and fans) have substantial evidence of what could be considered “copying”.  But, like Madonna – the older, more established artist – has continuously been the most vocal about the issue.

From the sounds of it, I picture a cheerleader/marching band dance off between two teams, similar to the Super Bowl performance with Cee-Lo.  Let’s hope this is all in fun and that Madonna is not stooping the level of Gaga’s ‘Little Monsters’.