Tuesday, May 7, 2013

BOY TOY 2013

MET Gala 2013

As Baby Brahim looked at Madge's ass knowing full well that he'll have to lick virgin's blood off of those double mounds of roided-up muscle at the end of the night, she spread her legs and gave everyone a view of her memaw crotch at the Met Ball. This look is very "current day Anjelica Huston as a Hot Topic stripper" and she looks ridiculous, but it's still a million times more interesting than all the boring ass boring dresses that went down the red carpet. And the cross burning under her Illuminati puss was a nice touch.
But she should've left Baby Brahim with his nanny, because he looks like he's wearing a uniform from an all-girls private school run by Run DMC and that's not the look.....lol