Saturday, July 13, 2013

ARTPOP to make people forget Madonna 'Ray of Light' (Video)

Today, the new Queen of Pop announced the release of her album ARTPOP on November 11. The first single is rumored to be a song called "Sex Dreams" and it will make its way on August 19. Those who attended a listening party last night said it is like Madonna's 1998 hit Ray of Light, but only much better. In fact, it is even said that after ARTPOP, nobody will even remember Ray of Light.Lady Gaga is returning to the spotlight after claiming she had hip surgery. However, as we reported, it was most likely drug rehab, Perhaps, she also had plastic surgery. Whatever she did, it appears to have worked. She looks better than ever.

This news makes the old Queen of Pop, Madonna, uncomfortable and it should. Lady Gaga is a staunch gay rights activist who is responsible for the overthrow of DADT and influenced the Supreme Court to overturn DOMA. The only thing gay related about Madonna is that several gay people have accused her for being partially responsible for the AIDS crisis.