Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just for Fun :)

Divas on Divas

If you've got ten minutes of free time and your snapping fingers are ready to go, then sit back and watch the likes of Mimi, Janet, Madge, Whitney, Mary J. Blige and Cher drain the Vitamin D out of each other's body by throwing so much shade. This "Diva on Divas" compilation is brought to you by the one and only Rich at FourFour, and what I've learned from this is:
- Janet Jackson surprisingly can shoot out a bullet of potent bitchy.
- The more British (and plastic faced) Madge becomes the more artificially sweeter the ho gets.
- Brit Brit is forever trapped in a Bubblicious bubble of cupcake farts and rainbow burps.
- Crazy ass Celine sounds like Yogi Bear with Laryngitis when she tries to do Cher.
- Mimi is in a feud with EVERYONE.
And of course, as the bodies of all those hos lay slayed on a pile, Cher climbs to the top and delivers the last word while wearing a truly jacked up wig.