Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New FULL Song: ‘Give Me All Your Love’

The full version of Madonna‘s new joint, set for inclusion on her forthcoming February 2012 album, has made its way online (sans Nicki Minaj andM.I.A.).

What are you waiting for?  

While word has it that Minaj and M.I.A.’s inclusion on the record will be for its live unveiling only, it still would’ve been interesting to see what they brought to its official version.  Because while we never fault Madge for trying to keep up with the young’ns, there are aspects of this song that sound like a marriage between an Atari video game’s music and something Avril Lavigne threw away.

“Give Me All Your Love” (demo) is a complete regression from the dance-pop/electro greatness Madonna pursued and mastered on 2005′s ‘Confessions On A Dance Floor’“Give Me” comes off as a watered down bonus track from an early 00′s Kylie Minogue CD, not to mention the shrill quality of Madonna’s thin vocals are a complete turn off. It in no way represents a song worthy to lead a new era from the unchallenged Queen of Pop. On the [only] bright side, Lady Gaga can breath a sigh of relief as no wigs will be snatched with this release. Not. A. One.

The throwback to early 80s Madge will certainly be appreciated by her core fans, but appealing to today’s record buying public is going to  require the Material Girl to go back to the drawing board for better material.  Either way, only time will tell if this is her way of testing the waters or if it is full indication of what’s to be expected on the next album.  Hopefully, it is the former and not the latter.

What do you think?