Thursday, November 3, 2011


How To Win An Election In Romania!

Werk it, Romania cabinent minister of tourism Elena Udrea!
Rocking a magazine cover in a skin tight rubber dress and some thigh-high boots, Elena posed for the magazine's edition about powerful women!
Here's what she said about the experience:
'There were some women who were able to show that they want to become a little bit more than simple workers. I am referring here to the iconic females who changed the way the politics is done in the world. These women proved they could be even better than the men in the game they have invented. According to this logic, I would like very much to see that in Romania, one of the biggest political parties is open enough to propose a courageous and skillful woman in the most important state functions.'
We hear that! And we think you look fab!
So, the question is to U, dear readers:
Do U think this is empowering? Or does this weaken her professional politics??