Monday, November 25, 2013

Bell: Madonna's my style icon

Kristen Bell's sisters once created a Madonna outfit for her, featuring tattered jeans and bows and "crazy stuff".
Kristen Bell's sisters once surprised her with a "crazy" Madonna outfit for Halloween.
The 33-year-old actress has recalled growing up with two older sisters. While sometimes her siblings didn't have time for her, there were occasions when they fulfilled her fashion fantasies.
"I have two older sisters... One year, I had been really lazy about my Halloween costume, which I rarely ever am, and at the last minute decided I wanted to be Madonna. They surprised me with making me a pair of tattered jeans and sewing bows and all this crazy Madonna stuff all over it. It was the best!" Kristen told Mania. "Then other times, they would put me in a laundry basket and push me down the stairs. They ping-ponged in between being angels and devils. Like a lot of sisters, I suspect."
Kristen's latest big screen role sees her playing Disney princess Anna in the new animation Frozen. Anna also experiences sibling rivalry, with her sister Elsa, in the movie.
While they often fell out, Kristen also learnt a lot from the fashion advice they gave her.
"Sometimes we got along splendidly and other times we fought like crazy. I was the baby so I looked up to everything that they did," she recalled. "They taught me how to peg leg my jeans in the '80s. It was before skinnies existed. I felt like a million bucks. And then they would turn around and ignore me for a month. And I would go on with my life."