Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Madonna’s brother SLAMS Lady Gaga

Literally several thousand people clicked off when Lady Gaga performed at the You Tube Music Awards a few nights ago, leaving music executives frightened about Gaga’s ARTPOP album, due out a week from Tuesday.In 2011, Gaga caused a controversy when it was revealed that Amazon was selling digital downloads of “Born This Way,” Lady Gaga’s newest album, for just 99 cents. Born This Way, went on to sell an extremely healthy 1.11 million albums during its first full week at retailers. But artificially inflating the numbers in 2011 has only left her with a bigger problem in 2013.“This new CD will be compared with her past as far as sales,” says one music heavyweight. “It cannot possibly do as well without the 99 cents offer. Her first single was outsold by Katy Perry and now the disaster at the YouTube awards…people should be worried.”

Madonna’s former artistic director Christopher Ciccone — the Material Girl’s brother – told NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB a few months ago that Gaga made a huge mistake not following his sister’s style.“You have to remember what really made Madonna really popular is that girls could dress like her. You can’t dress like Gaga, only on Halloween perhaps. It’s a really big part of being a performer — getting your fans to follow you. You have to evolve. At one point with Madonna, it was time for the tights to go,” Christopher said. “What I would do with Gaga is stream it all down and get rid of all the crap and make her a real person. It’s cool on some level, but when you start out massively way over the top, there is nowhere to go. You get stuck there and you disconnect from the audience. You become this freak on the stage.