Saturday, January 18, 2014

"MADONNA U NEED TO TAKE UR arthritis medicine instead of trying to be hip on the internet."

Now, I am certain that Madonna is aware of the slavery days and I am pretty much certain that she is aware what the original meaning of “nigger” means. I am also certain that Madonna knows who she is within the media and to other people around the world. However, due to her selling millions of records and being credited as an icon allows her to use the term “nigga”? I think not.
The fact that Madonna posted the hashtag, “#disnigga”, on Instagram alongside a picture of her son, bearing in mind she has adopted two black children is beyond a joke to me. Nigger within the slavery era was a word to define a black person that was a slave. Black people weren’t called by name, they weren’t classed as a “black girl” or a “black boy” they were defined as a nigger and they must do anything their master tells them to do, because they were a nigger. With that in mind, who does Madonna think she is posting that hashtag alongside the picture of her son? It’s not right and it’s not okay!
People are saying that the caption shouldn’t be blown out of context because it is now 2014 and slavery has passed. No, the “joke” should be blown out of context because; up to this day when a Caucasian person calls an African American person a nigger it is still a sensitive topic and a degrading term because black people are still frowned upon in today’s society. Racism is not dead, it is alive and kicking and the fact that Madonna thinks it’s okay for her to say the word freely is very ignorant of her. Yes, black people call fellow black people nigga, but that is another article for another day. Today, I am speaking about Madonna.
Yes, Madonna deleted the image and re-uploaded it with a new caption. However, she’s still very ignorant as her new caption included “stay off my dick haters”. Who is hating Madonna? If the public didn’t blow up your Instagram, you would have left the picture and caption up thinking its okay, when it is not!
For the fans that say, Madonna is the Queen of Pop, she can say what she wants. There is no record sales, no number of GRAMMY’s, no bank balance that can take away the true definition of “nigger” and what black people had to do be free from being claimed a “nigger” on a day to day basis. There is also no record sales, no number of awards and no bank balance that can allow anyone to call a black person a “nigger”. The fans that say that Madonna was right to use the hashtag “#disnigga” on her Instagram are as ignorant as her and need to take off their headphones from listening to her music and look at the real world! Racism still lives and I cannot stress enough how morally wrong it is for people to casually call black people “niggers”, it is wrong!
I would also like to know the meaning of “dirty soap” which is another term Madonna called her son, because that statement also seems degrading to black people also. Nonetheless, I am very angered at this ignorant movement by Madonna and I will not look at the Pop-star the same. I will gladly forgive Madonna, even though she is still very ignorant and cocky, but I will not forget this moment and neither should you, whether you’re African American or Caucasian. It was a disgusting comment and Madonna should be apologising to the public instead of telling people to “come off her dick”. I am finished here.