Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Martin Burgoyne - Original Portfolio of Colored-Pencil Drawings.

A total of 12 original color-pencil and ink drawings by British-born artist Martin Burgoyne (1963-1986). The spiral-bound portfolio of original drawings contains original art work used on the cover, or as preparatory work, for the Madonna 1983 album “Burning Up”, designed by Martin Burgoyne. The first four pages have all 20 “photo-booth” vignette portraits of Madonna, the inspiration being a series of black and white photos from the Burgoyne collection. Three large color-pencil drawings of Madonna are included in the portfolio. One of which (a portrait of Madonna wearing a bowler hat), is almost identical to the portrait of Madonna on the back side of the album cover “Burning Up”. The portfolio also includes self portraits of Martin and portraits of John Benitez better known as “Jellybean” whom Martin designed album covers for as well. A copy of the 1983 “Burning Up” record album showing the 20 different faces of Madonna on the cover along with the portrait of Madonna on the back will be included. Each drawing sheet page measures 13” x 9 3/4”. The inside upper left cover of the portfolio is signed, “Martin Burgoyne” in his hand. In good condition. Estate of Martin Burgoyne.
Background information: In the 1980s, New York’s gritty Lower East Side was a hotbed of aspiring artists and entertainers with the common goal of achieving fame and success. Two of the kindred spirits drawn to each other within the fast-paced microcosm of music, art and youthful freedom were British-born artist, dancer and model Martin Burgoyne and his best friend/roommate, Madonna. Like so many talented young people who had not yet been ‘discovered,’ Martin Burgoyne worked a variety of jobs to get by while building a name for himself as a graphic artist. He worked as a dancer and model, as well as a DJ and bartender at Studio 54. 

During that time, Burgoyne and Madonna were very much a part of each other’s lives, and they socialized with a tight circle of friends that included Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Martin was heavily involved in Madonna’s early career, performing as a dancer in Madonna’s first ever live performance, to being the art designer of her 1983 record album “Burning Up,” and first book “Lucky Star.” He offered his support whenever needed. Madonna adored Martin, and when he contracted AIDS, she stuck by him and later quietly paid his medical bills. Tragically, Martin died at the age of 23, but he left quite a legacy. The 1992 song “In This Life,” written by Madonna with Martin in mind, was also dedicated to him. Burgoyne’s parents, now retired in Florida, have been the guardians of his art and other mementos for the last three decades.