Friday, January 31, 2014


Age-defying: The 55-year-old pop star inched across the car park while dressed youthfully in low-cut clingy top and leather trousers
Madonna needs a helping hand as she hobbles out of restaurant with a cane after STILL suffering from a dance injury

For a strong and independent Material Girl such as Madonna, it must be irksome to move so slowly.
The 55-year-old pop star did her best to defy a foot injury - a bruised bone sustained while dancing in high heels over a week ago - as she hobbled to dinner at Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.
Though the cane made her appear older, she tried to keep a youthful image in edgy clothes as she leaned on a female friend and a cane for support while leaving the sushi restaurant.

The eye-catching ensemble featured baggy black leather trousers and a cleavage-baring, low-cut black camisole top that her patterned scarf did little to conceal.
A black trench coat and spiked boots helped to give the star a rapper-cool look and she might have pulled it off if not for the walking stick.
Gingerly Madonna inched her way across the car park, no doubt thankful to have such a tall, sturdy pal - in high heels too - to assist her.

Boots made for walking: Madonna wore a pair of spiked boots while her companion stepped in very high heels

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