Friday, July 27, 2012

"give us our f*cking money back you b*tch!"

Madonna Pisses Off Paris Fans With 45 Min Show!
Parisian fans are none too happy with Pop's main lady Madonna after she cut her Thursday evening, live-stream Paris show at the l'Olympia down to barely 45 minutes!!
The extra MDNA Parisian performance was added last minute in what is believed to be one of the HIGHEST grossing tours of all time, and tickets were available exclusively to uber-Madge fanatics before being released to the public…

Madgenites had been camping outside the venue DAYS in advance, and for 80 to more than 280 Euros per ticket, we're sure they were expecting a nice, lengthy concert chocked full of Madonna magic!

Once it became clear that Madge was NOT returning to the stage after her paltry set, the crowd began booing and yelling "salope" … aka SLUT!!

AND upon exiting, many fans began chanting "remboursez! remboursez!" which essentially means: "give us our f*cking money back you b*tch!"

Apart from making BANK from this "global" tour of hers, Madonna has also managed to irritate half the world in the process.

This was supposed to be a short intimate show, not a full concert. However, she was 15 minutes late, shortening the full hour to just 45 minutes. Either way, it's all Live Nation's fault for asking high prices and providing lack of information to the consumers.

On a bright note, Madonna absolutely killed the show. She looked, danced and sang phenomenally.

Where is her stupid manager, Guy Oseary? What does he even do for her.. Just a stupid lapdog that lets her do what she wants. Who cares if Madonna pisses off the media, the govt, or the far right.. But when she pisses off fans, she's messing up badly