Monday, July 30, 2012

Madonna GoesTo The Circus

CIRCUS ACT  photo | MadonnaAfter all the craziness going on with Madonna these days, we're glad the Queen had time to kick back and relax!
The pop icon was spotted attending a performance of Cantina, a vaudeville circus show at the Southbank Centre in London alongside her boytoy, Brahim Zaibat, and 15 other members of her entourage!
According to witnesses:
“She spent a lot of time engrossed in conversation with her friends about key bits of the show.”
Oh! She must have really liked what she saw then!
Perhaps we'll be seeing some vaudeville-influenced material on her next tour!
Either way, it must have been a welcome relief to have some downtime with her gentleman friend amidst the business of MDNA!
Hope you guys a good time!