Monday, July 9, 2012

Madonna Plans 'Turn Up the Radio' Single Release

Madonna has confirmed that her next MDNA single, "Turn Up the Radio," will be released August 5.
We've been saying all along that the simple, propulsive dance-pop anthem is one of our favorite MDNA tracks and may have better served the record, which debuted strong with 359,000 units moved (before Justin Bieber's Believe unseated it, MDNA had the year's top debut) before freefalling down the chart, as its lead single. It has "summer jam" written all over it.
As we reported earlier, Madonna was spotted shooting the video for "Radio" in Rome last month while in the city on her "MDNA Tour." On the set, M and her dancers were seen partying down to the synth-driven tune in a convertible.
The song will drop officially just a few days before Madonna hits St. Petersburg for a sure-to-be controversial concert in the Russian city. Earlier this year, lawmakers in the city passed a resolution that forbids the "promotion of homosexuality" by making discussion of the topic illegal in almost all instances and regardless of the context. Many called on Madonna to cancel her August 9 concert there; instead, she promised to tackle the subject head-on.
"I will come to St. Petersburg to speak up for the gay community and to give strength and inspiration to anyone who is or feels oppressed," Madonna said in an email statement to Bloomberg. "I'm a freedom fighter. … I don’t run away from adversity. I will speak during my show about this ridiculous atrocity."

Now, the St. Petersburg city councilman who proposed the so-called "gay gag rule," Vitaly Miranov, has issued a warning to the pop icon that city officials plan to keep a close eye on her … and hold her accountable for any violations to their conservative laws.
"I heard at the concerts on this tour she pulled off her tights, and we will not have that here. We warn the organizers of the concert so that everything goes well. Otherwise they will face the harsh laws of St. Petersburg," Milanov said, according to Russia’s Interfax news agency (via The Daily Beast).
He is, of course, referring to Madonna's concerts in Istanbul, Turkey, and Rome, Italy, where she flashed her nipple and backside, respectively, at the audience.
Madonna is famous for flaunting laws she finds ridiculous. Who can forget her decision – documented in "Truth or Dare" – to not censor her onstage behavior during a 1990 "Blonde Ambition" tour concert in Canada after authorities threatened her with arrest for lewd conduct? She is currently also facing threats of legal action from French National Front leader Marine Le Pen if she includes the images, shown during the "Nobody Knows Me" video montage, of the conservative politician with a swastika on her forehead during either of her "MDNA Tour" shows in France, which are set for the country's national stadium, the Stade de France, in Paris on July 14 and at Nice's Stade Charles-Ehrmann on August 21.
We're sure to hear more on this situation in the lead-up to the St. Petersburg concert. Stay tuned!