Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'll Remember...1992

Deeper and Deeper
Late 1992, the best dance track on the album ''Erotica'' was released worldwide as second single. In the US charts it reached #7, in the UK #6. In Canada it dominated the charts for three weeks. It's no surprise that it got heavy airplay in clubs and became #1 on the Hot Dance / Club Play chart.

One of Madonna's greatest criticisms is that she always did everything too late to be considered an innovator in dance music. But one needs to remember that Madonna was recording solely for the masses anyway and to them, she was always ahead of her contemporaries. Thanks in no little amount to her legendary producer Shep Pettibone, she was responsible for one of the most revered House tracks of the early 1990s (I'm talking about ''Vogue").

While it was conceptually eclipsed by what the pioneers of House were currently doing, ''Vogue'' remains a true classic and is arguably Madonna's greatest moments in the dance charts. ''Deeper and Deeper'' takes ''Vogue's'' basic formula and expands it to sound more chic and New York, one still can't help but notice that the Queen of Pop is competing with her own previous creation; it even includes a snippet of lyrical content from ''Vogue'' (which is not bad at all). But when considered in it's own right, ''Deeper and Deeper'' is a highly enjoyable, albeit vastly under-rated, Madonna tune.
The music video for "Deeper and Deeper" was shot on November 7 and 8, 1992 and directed by Bobby Woods.   It was seen as homage to artist Andy Warhol and his films. It was set in the 1970s and featured Madonna playing a character based on Edie Sedgwick who goes out to a nightclub and finds her friends and boyfriend (played by actor Udo Kier, who had appeared in the Andy Warhol films Flesh for Frankenstein and Blood for Dracula and had previously appeared on her "Erotica" video). The video also features the cameos of gay-porn director Chi Chi LaRue, porn actor Joey Stefano (who had also appeared on Madonna's controversial Sex book), Madonna's good friend an collaborator actress Debi Mazar and film director Sofia Coppola playing the role of Madonna's girlfriends. The video itself received mixed reviews from both music critics and fans alike. It's considered one of Madonna's most intriguing and least appealing music videos. It also marked the first time Madonna appeared in one of her music videos with her eyebrows shaved off.