Monday, July 9, 2012

Madonna’s daughter Lourdes to debut on-screen

Madonna-daughterQueen of pop, actor, singer, songwriter and dancer Madonna, is to launch her daughter Lourdes into films.
Recently Lourdes was chosen for a role in the film “W.E”, but was swiftly replaced for unknown reasons. Now, her biological father, Carlos Leon is to give his star daughter her first on-screen debut in his new comedy “Thinking with Richard”.
Dancer turned actor Carlos, hopes to secure his 15-year- old daughter in the new film, which is currently filming in New York.
According to sources close to the actress, “Lourdes loves acting and she can’t wait for her first role.”
The celebrity offspring is planning to spend more time with her father on his 46th birthday in the coming week, and looks to further discuss her role in the movie.