Friday, July 13, 2012

Madonna sued over 'Vogue'

Madonna is facing legal action after allegedly failing to pay to sample another song in her classic hit Vogue.  Executives at record company VMG Salsoul have accused the Material Girl of using the horns and strings heard in Salsoul Orchestra's dance tune Chicago Bus Stop (Ooh, I Love It).  In the lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles and obtained by, it is claimed Madonna has made huge profits off Vogue since its release in 1990.  Music bosses only recently discovered the apparent sample in Madonna's song thanks to new technology designed to identify specific sounds.  VMG Salsoul chiefs are now suing for copyright infringement and demanding unspecified damages.
Listen at around 4:35 mins. I wonder if they are also going to sue 50 Cent for 'Candy Shop'.  The intro to his songs also sample this piece.  Listen at around 5:40 mins and then take a listen to the 'Candy Shop' intro.