Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why Is Madonna Being Such An Asshole Lately?

You may have noticed that Madonna has been in fine form lately – at least when it comes to acting like an insufferable, disrespectful asshole. The pop singer has somehow shifted from years of creating and releasing genre-bending, though-provoking music that empowered a generation of young girls to searching for the best way to aimlessly push everyone’s buttons. And to what end? What can Madonna possibly have to gain from purposeful nip slips and slapping swastika’s on people’s foreheads? Her recent actions while on tour supporting MDNA have raised questions about whether there’s a difference between being cutting edge and just throwing tantrums just to get attention.

The latest Madonna news involves Lady Gaga, a musician with whom the Queen of Pop clearly takes issue. Madonna told a Brazilian talk show, “I’m a really big fan of [Born This Way]. I’m glad that I helped Gaga write it.” Zing! To be fair, there are a lot of sonic similarities between Gaga’s latest effort and some of Madonna’s formative pop songs. But why does Madonna feel the need to make quips instead of acknowledging the fact that imitation is considered the sincerest form of flattery? We imagine that perhaps Madonna is threatened by this youngest, edgier pop star who apes her blond hair and sexually charged image. Maybe Madonna is feeling old and washed up. Or maybe she’s just inherently a jerk.

But making public jabs at your peers is something best left for politics. Music fans – especially pop music fans – are looking for an escape, an entry point into a short-lived alternate reality. We listen to music because it magnifies our own emotions and experiences, because it’s fun to dance to and because it has the potential to take us somewhere new. The last thing we need – and want – is the musicians we admire to be acting like total dickheads, to us or to each other.

Over the weekend, despite a ban set by local authorities and despite a horrifically tragic mass shooting in Aurora, CO, Madonna pulled out her prop guns onstage in Scotland. She may have done it to push buttons and make some kind of social or political statement, but her actions read to the public as disrespectful and crass. We all feel a collective sadness about the gun violence that occurred in Colorado. We are mourning together. The last thing we want to see is some pop star who thinks she has still has something relevant to say brandishing fake guns onstage at a show. While celebrities like Christian Bale and President Obama are visiting Colorado and offering their sympathies to the victims and their families, Madonna is off in Europe acting like her actions are no big deal.

Every day there is another headline, another bout of news regarding Madonna and her latest “shocker” on tour. But we don’t need musicians who think baring their nipple changes anything about the world. We need musicians who push the boundaries of pop culture in new directions, who pursue social and political change through innovative methods (i.e. not swastikas), and, most of all, we need musicians who know when to step back, bow their heads and keep the guns offstage. Say what you will about Lady Gaga, but we’d argue she knows all these things (and is raising money for her own foundation that helps gay, lesbian and transgender youth).

We’d love to see Madonna do or say something positive, especially this week. Just one headline that isn’t about a dick move she pulled onstage would suffice. Otherwise when her next album arrives there will be no fans left to buy it.

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  • Helen  Why is Emily being such an asshole lately?  Please don't refer to Madonna taking jabs at her peers when referring to GaGa - GaGa is an insect next to Madonna.  
    2 hours ago
  • Jake  Pffft. I can understand that Madonna is pissed at a no talent shitscraper like Lady GaGa ripping her off.
    2 hours ago
  • Kevin Wayne Should have pointed out that the song she is referring to actually owes itself to "Respect Yourself" by the Staples Singers. Which Madonna also ripped off. Then... you shouldn't have written about Madonna.
    3 hours ago
  • Selenium  She's an attention whore.  Always has been.  And this article is exactly what she was looking for. Haters gonna hate.
    4 hours ago

  • Gigsmith Floop MADONNA is the queen of the world >>>she has changed the music industry in the 80 zzz>>>she dared of doing stuff no one has ever dared of doing >>>she risked her image for that by expressing what she feels sincerely plus her experince in music reflected her real life experience in her childhood>>>>i dont think lady gaga is doing that .....she is just a clown on broadway........MADONNA HAS THE RIGHT TO DO WHATEVER SHE WANTS>>>>>this article is a buying article .... this doesnt mean that the weight of madonna is risked by gaga parade.....not in million years!!!!
    7 hours ago
  • Steven  there's always gonna be guns somewhere in the world. life goes on, and so does the sad reality of the real situation. people can't expect to snap there fingers, and instantly everybody on the planet is respectful, and gun free.
    7 hours ago
  • Miss Madonna is Madonna. She been pissing people off for as long as I can remember. Class of '86 
    7 hours ago
  • Marcy Diamond  wow emily. i couldn't even believe myspace even let you publish something that had ASSHOLE written in the article, it's amazing.  Kids read this stuff.  Kinda amazing that you couldn't use your writing skills to make your point in another way.  I have to be honest, it just made you look jaded and jealous.  If it were written from an informative standpoint then the reader would have gathered that on their own. 
    7 hours ago
    • Cara sosa good job! well said... 
      39 minutes ago
  • Mistress Sol  Imitation Not Plagurizing and then hidding it. That's stealing dip sh*t. Your a d*mb *ss.
    8 hours ago