Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another Madonna Tribute Episode On GLEE?

Only If The Queen Makes A Cameo!  Make it happen!
On Monday nights Watch What Happens After Show, Ryan Murphy was Andy Cohen's guest (along with the fabulous Sarah Michelle Gellar) and had no problems dishing about what is to come on all his hit shows. When it came time to talk about Glee, Ryan was mum to speak of what would be happening to the kids who are graduating, but did allude to another possible tribute episode in the future. Ryan told Andy:

  "I want to do another Madonna episode, but I want Madonna to be on it. She says she would do it."
She did??? When in the world is Madge going to fit that in?! Sure, with the Super Bowl over and done with she might have 30 more seconds of free time, but she still has the new album coming out AND a world tour to prepare for! We don't know. Sounds like a slim chance to us.
Wait, what the hell are we saying?! We WANT this! Hell, we NEED this! This would be equally as epic as having Britney Spears on! We can think of nothing better than to see Madonna just stroll on into Lima, OH!
Oh go yes! Please make this happen!