Monday, February 6, 2012

M.I.A. Statement?

By now all of you are well aware that M.I.A. flipped a camera off in the middle of the Super Bowl halftime show — causing such a shizstorm.  The Parents Television Council has demanded punishment for the televised shenanigans, and they sound super serious about it!
We're just waiting on an official statement from M.I.A. (though we wouldn't be too surprised if she didn't give one).  While there are plenty of reasons why M.I.A. could have told millions to eff off, according to a close source, she did it because:
Adrenaline and nerves, caught up in the moment, wasn't an attempt to make any kind of statement.
Inneresting… but didn't she sign those papers binding her to fines if she did anything inappropriate?  We all make mistakes, sure, but this was a BIG ONE!! And ya don't have to be a holier than thou prude to know that!!
If she wants this to blow over asap, she should just come clean and offer a legit apology… and maybe a big donation to a children's charity.  We know she's a badass but there has to be a children's organization she loves, LOL!!