Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Was Cee Lo More Popular Than Madonna During The Super Bowl Halftime Show?!?!?

According to newly released stats - he was!  Madonna's Super Bowl halftime performance may have been Twitter's top music event, but new statistics show that Cee Lo Green was overall the most popular topic on social media during the Super Bowl.  According to ClearSpring, Cee Lo was the most tweeted/Facebooked/emailed/printed/clicked celebrity of the night!  And how does the most popular Super Bowl celebrity celebrate? Aside from dropping 10K at a strip club, we're hearing that Cee Lo treated himself to P.F. Chang's food and a $150 bottle of TY KU Sake White in between rehearsals with Madge…so he probably enjoyed some more of that following the game!

It's good to be the social media king! Ha!

Cee Lo may have been very popular during Super Bowl night…but it was all about Madonna on Google!  Here were the top 10 Google Hot Trends from Super Bowl Sunday:
1. super bowl score
2. madonna halftime show
3. josh powell
4. madonna half time show
5. madonna half time
6. madonna
7. what time is the super bowl 2012
8. kickoff time super bowl 2012
9. best superbowl commercials
10. madonna super bowl halftime
That's right, folks! Madonna had HALF of the top ten hot trends on Google…and almost all of the other ones were somewhat related to her as well!
As we've said before - the time of Madge is upon us!!!!!!