Friday, February 10, 2012

Madonna Might Stop Possible Isreali Attack On Iran…

Madonna will be heading to Isreal on May 29th but that may be in trouble due to a war.
Allegedly, Isreal plans on attacking Iran's nuclear program and obvis, this means big trouble for the Middle East.
And Madge fans are NOT happy that this could affect her concert!
Fans have started a Facebook page, titled Bibi don't start a war with Iran until after Madonna's show on May 29, pleading with Isreali prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
While the page doesn't have too many followers, Isreal has had a history of cancellation, such as RHCP, Depeche Mode, and Pixies canceling shows due to strife.
We'll see if Madge can tough it out and head over to Isreal amid the trouble.
The world needs Madonna to perform!